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March 2020

CPA Canada

Digital editor and author Lauren McKeon talks to Jodi about taking on the hardest job in tech: closing the gender gap.

January 2020


MaRS spoke to two powerful women in the tech industry – Jodi Kovitz and Michelle McBane – for their advice on climbing the ranks.

December 2019

The Carribean Camera

Speaking to Gwyn Chapman, Jodi shares her vision for #movethedial and how she empowers women to shine in bold ways.

December 2019

Living in Canada

Jenny from Living in Canada – a website dedicated to Chinese recently arrived in Canada – speaks to Jodi Kovitz, and #movethedial Global Summit attendees about the event.

November 2019

RBC Champions Awards

Jodi shares the advice she would give to her younger self in this article featuring the RBC Champions Awardees.

Globe and Mail

At a time when only 5% of Canadian tech companies have a female CEO and the gender pay gap is stuck wide, she remains positive. What she’s fighting for is more good news.

Toronto Life

Speaking with Elevate Tech Fest, Jodi Kovitz shares her “moonshot” of working to bring more humanity into the technology and innovation industries.

Yahoo Finance

Despite a concerted effort by organizations around Canada to encourage women to take on leadership roles, a new survey has found that gender stereotypes are still a barrier, with just 10 per cent of young Canadians saying they picture a woman when they think of a CEO.

Awards and Recognition.

Some industry awards Jodi has received.

November 2019

Speaker Reel

Jodi is a successful entrepreneur, business development expert, and leading diversity and inclusion thinker driving one of the world’s most influential and fastest-growing organizations impacting the advancement of all women in technology. She is a passionate and inspiring speaker, having delivered countless keynotes across North America, and releasing her first book in November 2019, “Go Out of Your Way: How one small act can move the dial in business and life”.

November 2019

Your First Million

A podcast by Arlan Hamilton. In this episode, Arlan sits down with Jodi Kovitz to discuss the vision and journey of #movethedial.

May 2018

TakeOver Innovation Conference

#movethedial Founder, Jodi Kovitz will be presents the “Future of Work” panel on how to create a more inclusive and diverse work environment.

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Elle Canada

Molly Q. Ford, senior director of global diversity programs at Salesforce and Jodi Kovitz, founder and CEO of #MoveTheDial joined ELLE Canada’s managing editor Carli Whitwell for a panel discussion on how organizations can become more inclusive and what challenges still need to be overcome.


In honour of International Women’s Day, we are celebrating five Torontonians who inspire us and who are each making a lasting impact in their own unique way.

Daily Hive

#movethedial was formed by Toronto lawyer Jodi Kovitz with the purpose of bringing more participation and leadership of women in the tech sector. Essentially “moving the dial” to help women get deserving opportunities.

The Globe and Mail

A gender-diversity strategy isn’t just about hiring more women. It’s about creating the kind of organization that women will want to join and where they’ll want to remain because they know it will afford them the opportunity to grow and contribute and eventually lead and govern.

March 2019

MoneyTalk: Breaking down barriers for women in tech

Women continue to be underrepresented in the tech sector. A recent report showed that only six percent of tech CEOs are women, and women make up just 13-per cent of executives in tech companies. Kim Parlee speaks with two women looking to change that: Sladjana Jovanovic, VP of Online Technology at TD, and Jodi Kovitz, founder and CEO of #MovetheDial.


Jodi Kovitz has been named to non-profit Toronto Global’s board of directors.

The Globe and Mail

Jodi Kovitz’s daughter was two years old when she developed a series of rare infections that required months of treatment at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. Ms. Kovitz has never forgotten the professional care her family received from the hospital’s staff.


When it comes to young girls and women in tech, it begs the question: can we believe what we cannot see? That’s the premise behind #MoveTheDial, a global movement dedicated to increasing the participation and advancement of women in tech.


Jodi Kovitz is a big name in the Canadian technology space. Having run a not-for-profit organization, Peerscale (formerly AceTech Ontario) and founded #MovetheDial, Kovitz is firmly at the head of it acting as global CEO. Her latest venture, #MovetheDial, was created in January 2017 with the mission of increasing the participation and leadership of all women in technology. She’s HRD Canada’s keynote speaker at HR Leaders Summit in Toronto.


Kovitz joins former Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Growth, Brad Duguid, and Think Research director of strategic partnerships, Tom Allison, as co-chairs on the committee.

Women of Influence

For Jodi Kovitz, fostering a more inclusive and diverse STEM ecosystem is less about talking about the problems, and more about action.

DX Journal

Diversity and inclusion in the workforce won’t happen because you wish it – you must take action, says #MoveTheDial Founder & CEO, Jodi Kovitz


[Many] companies are now grappling with how to improve gender balance in the executive suite, on boards and in their recruitment efforts, while women with firms of their own are pressing to be taken seriously.


Organizations must design gender equality into the fabric of the business. Only through this “intentional design” approach can you create the kind of organization that women will want to join and where they will want to remain because they know it will afford them the opportunity to grow and contribute and eventually lead and govern.

February 2018

Moving the Dial

Jodi argues we need to make key proactive moves to achieve results. Little steps combined with big actions are required to move the dial for women in tech.

The Globe and Mail

Financial planner Rona Birenbaum looks at how Canadians make everyday spending decisions.

IT World Canada

Jodi Kovitz sits down with Edwin Frondozo to discuss #Movethedial.

September 2017

The Business Leadership Podcast: Jodi Kovitz, CEO at AceTech Ontario


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